2018–2019 // 6502 assembler, NES // Programming, Design, Art, Sound

An inventive platforming adventure for the NES.

Nalleland is a short platformer about a bear on an adventure. This bear is equipped with a versatile tool: an enchanted pin. It can be thrown into the terrain and bounced on, thrown at monsters to pin them in place, and more!

The game is written in 6502 assembly for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I made it largely as a learning exercise, to see what it’s like to make a game for a retro console using very low-level programming (it’s was very fun!). Somehow I ended up making a pretty good game along the way, too.

This was a solo project – I did all the programming, design, art, sound effects and music myself.

You can play Nalleland in the browser, or download the ROM, via the link below.